We offer full on-site and off-site catering with delivery for weddings and large events, or it’s easy to place a large order and pick it up for your next tailgate.


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See what meat is on the menu. Rest assured we use nothing but high-quality hickory, oak, and other hardwoods to smoke to perfection.

"Someone needs to call that guy from the Arby's commercials and tell him he's wrong... Swig & Swine HAS THE MEATS!!! Probably the only BBQ I've ever had that I don't feel the need to smother in sauce. The service has always been exceptional and the food hits your table quick after ordering. The staff are all amazing and they wear funny t-shirts to taunt the carnivore in all of us."
Scotty C.
Mount Pleasant, SC
"Since I first came across it on Google and finally made our way over a month later, we have gone 1-2 times a month. I would go there more often but I would be required to run a lot more. Just because I know no self control when it comes to great BBQ (pfft self control LOL!). Before I go off tangent let me just say Swig & Swine is downright goodness and you are punishing you BBQ loving mouth if you don't try this place out."
Mellissa A.
Charleston, SC
"When you warm up your smoked wings in the office toaster oven and the smell fills the place with smoky goodness and THE ENTIRE OFFICE comes running to see where that amazing fragrance if wafting from? Then you just might have brought in wings from Swig & Swine."
Eric S.
Mount Pleasant, SC
"I'm from Texas and there everything is spiced up and burnt, this Swig & Swine has blown my mind and let's know me Charleston is doing it big in the BBQ scene."
Ray D.
Corpus Christi, TX
"I have to admit that I owe you an apology for not photographing the delicious pulled pork and brisket sandwiches. They were just too tempting and they were so good. Sorry."
Christopher B.
Monroe County, NY



1217 Savannah Highway
Charleston, SC 29407


1990 Old Trolley Road
Summerville, SC 29485


2379 Highway 41
Mt Pleasant, SC 29466